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Realistic Vaginas

Let's face it, realistic vaginas are one of the most important advances in erotic toys today. All fake vaginas are molded from real female porn actress's pussies. Each mold is hand decorated, painted in natural flesh colors and accented with simulated pubic hair. These realistic wonders of modern innovation are designed for easy cleaning and are compatible with most lubes.

Get artificial vaginas with incredible features like movable arms and head, or with audio features like satisfied moaning during penetration. These models come in poses for the most popular positions. Some will work best in missionary and others with doggystyle, but if you use your imagination you can make her do whatever you want.

A realistic vagina never says she's too tired or not in the mood. Get one and enjoy sex anytime you want it, without any backtalk. With Fake Vaginas, your girlfriend is always in the mood.

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