Blue Wave Jack Penile Pump

Blue Wave Jack Penile Pump
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Blue Wave Jack Penile Pump is a basic and inexpensive penis pump and male masturbator, ideal for those guys who are looking to tryout penis pumps for the first time. The basic look and unassuming nature will help those with concerns over the bulky nature of some penis pumps rest assured that they are using a fine product.

Blue Wave Jack Penile Pump includes a blue vacuum tube and a simple hand actuated oval pump. The bulb is similar to those you see on blood pressure cuffs, and is just as easy to use! Just pump until you feel the pressure to the desired level. DO NOT over pump - this may lead to short and longer term damage to your goods - and we wouldn’t want that to happen! This penis pump can be used as a trainer, to help you last longer in the bedroom and prevent premature ejaculation. This male masturbator from Synergy is made from non-toxic, phthalates free material. The pump includes a quick release mechanism and cleans easily with soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner. Be sure to clean your Blue Wave Jack Penile Pump to ensure a tight fit and lasting durability. The great thing about this male masturbator? No batteries required - just the pressure that your own hand can provide.

Penis pumps are one of those things that guys rave about once they get their hands on one, but no one seems to talk about. The Blue Wave Jack Penile Pump is one of the best starter penis pumps on the market, and the Synergy brand is well known for their male masturbators. If you're going to get one penis pump to get you on your pumping journey, make it the Blue Wave Jack Penile Pump. You will not be disappointed in the results!

Additional Information

  • : D.A.V.E. / Synergy
  • : ABS Plastic
  • : 7.00 inches
  • : 2.25 inches
  • : No Battery
  • : Blue
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