Hollow Dildo: Wear Over a Penis

A dildo can add significantly to your bedroom pleasures. Choosing one of these can be difficult given the numerous shapes, sizes, textures and colors that these pleasure toys are available in. However, while dildos work very well for a woman's pleasure, they can do little for a man. Let's get real, although penetrating a woman with a dildo might offer a guy some visual stimulation, that's all it brings to the table. Hollow dildos may be the perfect sexual enhancers for couples.

Introducing the Hollow Dildo

An innovation of sorts in the sex toy industry, the hollow dildo promises mind boggling orgasms for both partners. Shaped like a regular dildo, hollow dildos have a 'flesh light' like design, so the penis can be inserted into the toy.
Hollow dildos can also double up as penis extenders for men who are afflicted by premature ejaculation, a short or skinny penis.

Using the Dildo

Once the penis is inserted into the hollow dildo, intercourse can last a lot longer than you thought possible. Imagine a tight clasping sensation around the penis that offers additional stimulation. Now, add the right length, width and delicious textures in the mix and it's easy to understand how a hollow dildo can keep you and your partner cumming more intensely and frequently.

Hollow Dildo Types
These dildos are available in a range of colors, sizes, thickness and textures. Also, offered as a strap on hollow dildo, the hollow dildo can be used by both sexes for longer and powerful orgasms. These dildos will leave you both aching for more. Hollow dildos can also be purchased with a special vibrating function. This hollow vibrating dildo features a tiny bullet vibrator that will send you and your partner spiraling into one orgasm after another.

Whether this is your first time buying an erotic toy or you already own an impressive collection of intimate gadgetry, a hollow dildo will be the perfect product for your enjoyment.

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